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• Assign a COVID-19 Safety Officer who will communicate policies organization-wide, to coaching staff, administrators, parents, and players. Regular updates and reminders should be provided.

• Assign each team a coordinator to oversee compliance at the team level (can be a team parent who must register as an Adult with CJSA).

• Train and educate all volunteers/staff on return to activities protocols.

• Develop a relationship and dialog with local Health Department officials (identify risk tolerance).

• Develop a plan to communicate with the local health department in the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 within a team.

• If a team member or coach contracts COVID-19, all training sessions will be canceled for that team and any additional team associated with that coach for 14 days.

• Be prepared to shut down and stop operations. Develop plans for temporary closure of facilities (indoor, outdoor) to properly disinfect and ensure other adult leaders are not infected.

• Provide coaches and team coordinators with PPE (masks) and sanitizing products.

• Schedule groups/teams with a minimum of 30 minutes in between the time one team concludes and the other arrives. Players must leave immediately after their session. Players should not arrive at their field earlier than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled arrival time.

• Teams who wish to schedule warm-up time prior to their sessions must build that into their scheduled session/rental time. Warm-ups will not be permitted adjacent to the assigned field prior to the scheduled start time for a team.

• Do not allow players or parents to congregate in parking lots, at drop off zones, facility entrances/exits before or after a training session.

• Provide adequate space at the field to allow for proper physical/social distancing (6’).

• All parents, spectators, and players should have their own chair. Chairs should be placed to allow for proper physical and social distancing (6’).

• All waste should be placed by the respective parent, player, coach, and spectator in the trash receptacle. Nothing should be picked up by anybody other than the originator of the waste.

• Require players to have their own water, sanitary products (hand sanitizer, facial tissues, PPE (optional for play), ball, GK Gloves (if necessary), dark and light shirt (in lieu of shared scrimmage vests