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Submitting Information:  you will most often be submitting information on games and events that have already taken place. Please think about the 5 W’s:  Who, What, When, Where and Why.  Please tell us:

·         Who is this about? (Team, players)

·         What happened? (Game, tournament)

·         When did it happen? (Dates/times)

·         Where did it happen (City/state/town, special location)

·         Why is it newsworthy? (Why is this special?)

For social media, with advance notice, it may be possible to post the day of the game or event or as a weekend wrap up on a Sunday or Monday morning. If you are sending something timely that you would like posted as soon as possible, please include ASAP in the subject line of your email.

For important upcoming games or tournaments or other significant events for which you would like the League to do advance publicity, please provide at least four week’s advance notice so a publicity plan can be created and implemented.  For example: announcing tryouts, summer camps or clinics, special training or competitions, registration, ticket sales for an event, a fundraising event, or encouraging support and attendance from family and friends at a game or event.  

Submitting Photos:  Candid photos are best, but posed photos are also good.  Group shots and individual player photos are good.  Avoid profile photos and the backs of player’s bodies or heads, unless the photos show a great action shot. Full, front views are best! Action shots are great as long as they are in focus! Provide the full name for each player in the photo. Please make sure names are spelled correctly. Double check the team roster or provide a copy to us for proofreading, if possible.

Submitting Videos:  In general, keep your videos short.  Research shows the most successfully viewed videos on Instagram are 30 seconds long (on average), and on Facebook, about 1 minute. For News 12 CT Hometown Sports features, please keep your video to no more than 1 minute, if possible. They will be looking for a great play, and a goal, so keep in mind they will likely edit what we send them.  Please note that the League cannot edit your videos, so try not to send anything longer than what is specified (give or take 15 – 30 seconds longer).  Please provide details about what’s happening in the video (refer to the 5Ws mentioned above). Please provide full names of players shown in video, where possible.

Your Contact Info:  please provide your name, email address, home phone and cell phone. We may have questions and need to be able to reach you in a timely manner. You can also provide a secondary contact, if you might not be available.

Please note:  we may not be able to use all information, photos and videos submitted.  

Submit photos, videos and info to: