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Team Makeup

The makeup of House League teams follows these rules:

Players returning to the same division as the previous season (not including Indoor) are automatically placed on the same team if they are registered by the designated cutoff date.

B. Players whose birth year moves them into a new Division are placed in a pool. The League distributes these players among pre-existing teams in the Division. (These existing teams would comprise the older birth year of the Division). This is done without any regard for requests to play with a particular coach or player with the following exceptions:


  1. Players in the Junior Divisions may make requests that the League may oblige at his/her discretion.Such requests must be made on a paper registration form.
  2. The child of a Coach, one assistant coach and one sponsor may be placed on the requested team.*
  3. Siblings who are appropriately in a specific Division may automatically be placed with siblings (not cousins) provided.they both register by the deadline.

*This means that two people who share a sponsorship fee must decide whose child is placed on the requested team. The other sponsor must use the spot of coach or assistant coach. Again, only three spots can be determined by request. (Outside of siblings).

C. Furthermore, no player may play up in an older Division nor down in a younger Division. Players will play only in the Division with which their birth year associates them. Coaches need to be sure that only players that have been assigned them by the League attend their practices and games. The document of record is the League distributed team roster and not any preliminary rosters, which might be distributed during the team makeup process. Coaches/Commissioners who do not adhere to this policy risk suspension.

D. The League establishes a registration cutoff date for each season. Any forms received after that date are late. The players will not be guaranteed placement with the previous season's team, if they remain in the same division.

These players are placed in a pool and are assigned according to immediate roster needs such as to teams which have fewer players than others or need to be balanced as to ages within the division or other criteria that the League establishes to promote balance and fairness.

The makeup of House League teams for the Indoor Season follows these rules:

1. Indoor teams are formed based on the first 9 players returning from the previous Fall Season who register by the cutoff date. Team assignments for the previous Spring or Indoor Seasons are not relevant.
2. The three criteria noted above under section "B" apply to Indoor
3. Additional players are randomly added to each team (based on the number of players per team established for that division) from the pool of unassigned players  remaining after the cutoff date is reached. The distribution of these players will be used to balance the teams in the division as to age, experience, etc to the extent possible.